A Green School

We are a Green School

Our world is continually changing and at Miami Shores Montessori School we believe that steps should be taken to protect its natural beauty. In order to achieve this, we must educate and guide our children today. To love and respect the land on which we live and to encourage their minds while they are young is our responsibility. We are proud to be the first Eco-Friendly School in Miami Shores and certified as an Eco-Healthy school by EDGE (Early Development of Global Education) and by OEC (Oregon Environmental Council). Our students and teachers follow these guidelines:
  • School’s curriculum incorporates care and respect of the environment.
  • Have weekly gardening classes in our butterfly garden and our organic herb and vegetable gardens.
  • Teachers and students compost for garden fertilization.
  • We collect rainwater in rain barrels.
  • The filters in our high efficiency air conditioning units are changed monthly to reduce energy usage and improve air quality.
  • When possible, artificial turf is used.
  • Students participate in weekly yoga classes.
  • We serve healthy snacks and organic milk.
  • We have adopted local endangered species and contribute to global conservation efforts.
  • Use recycled paper products.
  • Utilize low VOC paint products when available.
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs are used to save energy.
  • Provide natural greenery within the school for fresh oxygen.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products are used.
  • We communicate electronically to reduce paper waste.
  • All light and electrical devices must be turned off when not in use.
  • Timers are used throughout the school.
  • Teachers and children recycle and reduce waste.
  • Recycled items such as glass jars, plastic containers, paper towel rolls, and many other items can be reused for classroom projects and activities.
The above practices have now become second nature to our students and teachers; through their implementation, we hope to make a difference in our world, one child at a time.