Program Enrichment

“The role of education is to interest the child profoundly in an external activity to which he will give all his potential.”

Maria Montessori

Enrichment activities enhance our Montessori program and vary from day to day and according to age group. All activities take place during school hours.

Our Curriculum Enrichment activities include:

Mandarin Chinese - Taught on a weekly basis by a native speaker and Montessori teacher, this class for students three years and older centers on basic pronunciation and useful vocabulary through group lessons, songs and games. The main focus of our Mandarin Chinese program is to encourage the students to gain a love for the language and an understanding of the various cultures that use it.

Spanish – Our Spanish class emphasizes that language and communication are at the heart of the human experience. Classes are taught using a mixture of Spanish and English, depending on the level of the students. Students learn extensive vocabulary and basic grammar skills.

Physical Education - Students four years and older learn the importance of proper nutrition to fuel their bodies and play creative athletic games, practice teamwork, fair play, take direction, listen and encourage one another and exercise their communication and cooperation skills. The goal of our class is to instill the values of lifelong physical activity through educational and rewarding experiences.

Yoga - Namaste! Weekly morning classes enhance the children’s sensitivity to their bodies as well as their ability to focus and relax through basic yoga postures and inventive games.

Creative Movement - Our movement and music approach encourages children to experience many types of ethnic, classical and popular music and practice different rhythms, steps and imaginative activities.

Computer Science - Focuses on the development of fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination through the use of the computer mouse, keyboard and various computer programs. Children learn the parts of a computer as well as how to perform several tasks using a computer. In addition, age appropriate educative programs are used to enhance lessons in language, mathematics, geography and art.

Gardening The process of learning to care for the environment begins at an early age. Through gardening, our students experience the outdoors and the satisfaction of caring for something over time while observing the cycle of life firsthand. Our harvested organic herbs, vegetables and fruits are wonderful snacks and/or key ingredients during our cooking activities.